REBDUCE is dope as fuck and her genesis fine art nft collection Divine Femme by REBDUCE is a celebration of feminine energy as divine. A dozen hand drawn goddesses embrace their divinity and encourage us to do the same.
Duality exists in all things. Dark suggests light, just as the divine feminine suggests the divine masculine. Soft curves suggest hard lines. The forms in each of the hand drawn graphite and ballpoint pieces play with positive and negative space. High energy “flow state” vibes swirl with jewel tones, deep grays, blacks and whites. A balance of dual forces. Embrace Duality. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to nonprofit ARTWATER
Of water, Thalassa is a powerful goddess of the sea. According to Aesop's fables, she mingles with Pontos, her male counterpart, to produce the creatures of the sea.
Ms Jackson is a tribute to music, high energy flow state vibes and the empowered feeling of being on stage.
Of earth, Gaia is a force that grounds, protects and deserves protection. Gaia gives comfort and the feeling of connection to the world.
Well versed in etiquette, extraordinarily nice.
Of stardust and magic, Love Cake’s love language is physical touch. Hand drawn with love, this goddess' warm embrace is pure love.
Mysterious guide, a throwback to classic Lewis Carol character, suggests this is the way
Beloved, nurturing, Cherish is belonging. Ballpoint blues flow in swirling with waves of life energy.
The World is a tribute to L'Origine du Monde, French artist Gustave Courbet’s 1866 oil painting that adorns the wals of la Musée d'Orsay. A declaration against censorship
Of ether, the Cosmos is and travels through the celestial everscape. One with herself.
Beware her gaze lest thee become stone. Bald-headed, this deity has shed her snakeskin, a sign of a curse lifted, a testament to new beginnings. Redemption.
Of pure energy, pure love, The Light guides us through darkness, a portal to the light within ourselves. The embodiment of endurance, she shines infinitely and reminds us to do the same. Shine on sunshines.
Beauty queen on the movie scene, her focus straight ahead. She is an affirmation that imagination and focus and patience gets you closer to your aspirations. Beautiful. Powerful. Dream catcher.
Divine Femme by REBDUCE is a collection of twelve handdrawn fine art pieces dropping on the Ethereum blockchain via
6 black and white designs - 100 editions - 0.02 eth
6 brilliant handdrawn color 1/1 auctions  - 0.10 eth reserve
FREE BANNER 1500 x 500px (twitter)
FREE BANNER 1400 x 350px (os)
2022/12/30 - 420 PM PST
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